What’s with Carl?

The fact, the cold, indisputable fact that we are all ephemera really shouldn’t worry us too much. (qv, Godwin’s “The Cold Equations”) It’s not a “Woe! Woe! All we do crumbles to the ground though we refuse to see…all we are is dust in the wind.” Although we are, it’s best to not think about it. My postings here are diversion: little dreams and shiny things to attract our attention for a moment. It’s all moments. We have this trick of telling ourselves that it’ll be okay, when we’re worrying and stressed, and exhausting ourselves through physical or mental activity (like visiting blogs) until we fall asleep. And then it is okay.

“You are what you love, not what loves you back.” -Jenny Lewis

I’m Carl. I’m in my 50s now and not a little surprised I lasted this long. I enjoy taking photos, listening to BBC radio programs (Old Harry’s Game, anyone?) podcasts (I really should do one. Why don’t I? Why?!); and good music, which is getting harder and harder to find, at least anything new, because it’s not on the radio anymore. You really have to look online – the Coverville podcast is a good starting point. I can’t stand commercial radio. It’s not just the bland songs, but they’re surrounded by insulting ads and fools for DJs (and not the good kind. Read Fool by Christopher Moore). No offense meant to good DJs, of course…


fountain penFavored Writings:

Here’s a list of a few poems, novels, and short stories that I really like. There are so many that I left out. I didn’t include drama or graphic works… sounds like a post?

“i carry your heart”- e e cummings
“In a Station of the Metro”- Ezra Pound
“On a Terribly Clear Day” – Fernando Pessoa
“Fortune has its cookies to give out” Lawrence Ferlinghetti
“Fog”- Carl Sandburg
“Song of the Open Road”- Walt Whitman
“This is to Let You Know”- Noel Coward
“All Hallows” – Walter de la Mare
“Jefty is Five” – HE (that’s Harlan Ellison to the uninitiated)
“Susan” – HE
“Bears Discover Fire” – Terry Bisson
“In Paradise” – Bruce Sterling
Geoff Ryman – “Filmmakers of Mars” and “Pol Pot’s Beautiful Daughter”
George Louis Borges
Algernon Blackwood
H. P. Lovecraft
Kurt Vonnegut
Hemingway’s Nick Adams stories
Last Days of Summer – Steve Kluger
The Razor’s Edge – Maugham
The War Hound and The World’s Pain – Moorcock
The Haunting of Lamb House – Joan Aiken
Lamb – Moore
The Free Fall of Webster Cummings – Tom Bodett
American Gods – Gaiman
Horror Show – Greg Kihn
For The Time Being – Annie Dillard
The Comedy Writer – Peter Farrelly
The Baum Plan For Financial Independence – John Kessell
Stephen King: Salem’s Lot, The Dead Zone, Dolores Claiborne, Joyland

music notesMusic

My iTunes playlist has an enormous number of songs. Picking out a few examples was difficult. But, here are a few. I know it’s a long list but I cut it down from at least 50.

Dreaming – Blondie
Stumblin’ In – Suzy Quatro
Your Number or Your Name – Knack
I Feel Fine – and everything else by the Beatles
Papa Gene’s Blues – Monkees (Nesmith)
It Might Be You – Stephen Bishop
Susan When She Tried – Statler Brothers
Let My Love Open The Door – Pete Townshend
Riu Chiu – Monkees
All I Want For Christmas – The Swear (no one else)
Destroyer – Kinks
For My Lover – Theolonius Monster
A Little Bit of Soap – Jarmels
Ocean Man – Ween
The Boy In The Bubble – Paul Simon
I Wanna Be Sedated – Shonen Knife
Happy – Brandi Carlisle
University Blvd – Los Straitjackets
So Far Away – Dire Straits
Do It Again – Beach Boys
Linus and Lucy – Vince Guaraldi (from the greatest Halloween cartoon ever made!)


projector, 16mm


If you call them motion pictures, just move along (even film is a little precious). They all move. If they didn’t, it would be a slide show.

The Maltese Falcon
You’ll Find Out
Lost In Translation
Guardians of the Galaxy
Galaxy Quest
The Life Aquatic
The Grand Budapest Hotel
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Moonrise Kingdom
Mr. Holmes
and about a hundred more.

“I am vast, I contain multitudes.” Don’t we all?

I don’t quite know what my list collation says about me. What do you think?


photos of fountain pen and projector courtesy of pixabay